Firetruck Theme For 3rd Birthday Party

Firetruck Theme for 3rd Birthday Part - My friend suggested me to make a firetruck theme for my boy's 3rd birthday party. I little bit had no idea how to make or create firetruck theme birthday party for my little boy, then i found from The English Pea Studio  how to make it. 
 I'd like to make a modern version of the whole chevron pattern. Also I have small dots on white background imitating black spots on a Dalmatian used.

We started the game with a visit to a local fire department. The kids enjoyed the van, learning each vehicle, equipment and apparel for firefighters and residential areas. Our guide was very informative and fun, and each child left the house with a fire hat and a coloring book.

We went home for the rest of the holidays, we ate and opened gifts. Besides hats and coloring books every child left with a favor bag - designed for the same reasons the echo of the device used. The bags were "rolling" (Tootsie Rolls) filled with "firefighter rope" (red twizzlers), "drops" (Sour Cherry Red).

The visit of the fire was a big hit with the kids and a fun and educational activities offered to the public free of charge through our local fire department.

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