Lalaloopsy Doll Birthday Party


Lalaloopsy Doll Birthday Party - One of most birthday party I love is Lalaloopsy doll. It will take your daughter on a party theme centered around the ever popular. Your daughter will really likes the Lalaloopsy dolls and you will love incorporating so many of the handmade details they have into a party.

Start it from making the invitation, you can draw the inspire invitation to make your daughter will be really exciting that she will have wonderful her birthday party.

You would like to have a backdrop for behind all the birthday girl's "blowing out the candles" pictures. This one was made out of crepe paper streamers sewn together. Try to learned how to do it here. It would be very easy, although time consuming.  If you try it, try go as fast as you can, not worrying about it being perfect. The less perfect ones actually look prettier. Also, it takes a lot of streamers.

For the drink cup labels, there were 2 versions that will be available in the shop. this pink and then one with the multi colored scallop polka dot background from the printed banner.

Lalaloopsy Doll Birthday Party is one of best birthday party ideas that will make your daughter will really like to have in her 6th birthday.


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