Star Wars Lego for 5th Birthday Party

Star Wars Lego for 5th Birthday Party - I'm sure that you will love this birthday party theme because this is the super fun birthday party idea. And i'm sure that all kids are fans of Star Wars both for comics and movie. This birthday party theme's called Star Wars Lego for 5th Birthday Party.

Starting with the lego themed Star Wars party, 15 Rebel troopers joined forces to celebrate Jedi Camden's 5th birthday. The sunburst motif and gray and orange colors from the invitation were carried over to the dessert table and photo booth.

Create a simple dessert table backdrop by re-using the navy blue and gray pomettes and suspending a lego snow speeder from the ceiling. Make a cake of Jedi pilot stood on top of a cake stand built entirely out of legos.

The baked of Doughbabies were placed on top of oatmeal boxes covered with wrapping paper to resemble lego bricks. Don't forget to complete it with the cake of Storm Trooper, Darth Vader and Death Star cake pops.

Construct the comic strip style photo booth  from black tri-fold foam board and equipped Star Wars props with lego to make another big hit to the guests. Of course the legos were the highlight of the party. You'd better find a lego local company in near your area, to hook up with 30,000+ legos, this is more than enough bricks to rebuild the Rebel fleet.

No doubt that your kids will love Star Wars Lego for 5th Birthday Party and don't forget to visit another Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas as reference for you  to make the other birthday party.



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