Pirate Themed 5th Birthday Party


Pirate Themed 5th Birthday Party - Many kids like pirate and also your 5th kids. It's better idea for you to make birthday party in pirate themed. I'm sure your kids are gonna like this and they will count every day until their birthday.

Try to plan your son's 5th Birthday Party the day after his 4th Birthday. The theme chosen was ‘Pirates’!!! With it being such a popular boy’s party theme. And also plan this party using many home-made elements thus giving it a unique and personalized touch.
You could use the products from your business Couture Crafts and other WAHM's to complete the look & feel what you want. For activities you could hire an arts & crafts table to decorate die-cut pirate shapes, a large tub of sand for children to dig for treasure, walk the plank, an inflatable pirate pool, dress ups box and a couple other little party games.”

Below are some photos were taken from Couture Crafts. Hope it will help you to arrange birthday party for your5th kids. for other reference you can visit other Pirate Themed 5th Birthday Party at the previous article.

source : http://www.facebook.com.au/marissas.couture.crafts
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