Goldfish Birthday Party

GOLDFISH BIRTHDAY PARTY - One birthday party i found on the internet which can turn us to fun birthday party for the 1st birthday party of your child. The Goldfish Birthday Party was styled by On To Baby and off course you can visit there for further detail.

At that page 'On To Baby' told about how the party's going - “Alek’s love of swimming and being in the water inspired the theme for this adorable blue and orange goldfish themed party. Organizing and preparing the party was a labor of love for his mom Melita, who spent many late nights putting together the favor tags, labeling bottles, glueing napkin holders together, creating the straw flags, and so forth. She painted the letters for the O-N-E letters several times, just to get the color just right! So sweet! Melita used Etsy as a great resource to complete the whole picture (be sure to check out the full list of Etsy shops at the bottom of this post!). Mimi Nguyen captured all of the lovely photos of the event."

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