Secret Garden 7th Birthday Party

SECRET GARDEN 7TH BIRTHDAY PARTY - This party was styled for your daughter’s 7th birthday, because she was madly in love with the book ‘SECRET GARDEN’ and had this great idea to have a Secret Garden Party! Jumped on this idea…I love shabby chic and vintage style parties and was so excited to start styling one for her 7th birthday.

It took a while to figure out what direction wanted to go. Go find a fantastic paper pack on Etsy from HelloLoveToo.

Make the invitations made of out plastic glitter keys so that the girls could unlock the magical garden gate as they entered into the secret garden. As the guest arrived they had many {backyard garden games} they could walk around and play as they wished (hula hoops, skipping rope, hopscotch, potato sack races, spoon races with fake eggs, and bubble blowing).

After the girls were finished playing backyard garden games. They got dressed up with some shabby chic accessories and took pictures at the {photo booth}. This is your doughter’s favorite part of the entire party!

Make cake and desserts came next! They were able to go up and get as many sweets as their little hearts desired from the dessert table! After that, made the beautiful cake and bird cookies. She usually has incredibly talented and is thinking about starting her own bakery…something I am constantly encouraging her to do! She has some other great cupcakes that we were going to use, instead she got cupcakes from a local bakery the day of the party (what a lifesaver).

They used to played find the garden gate key. They hid the keys all around the garden. The girls had to run and find them. Once they found one they went to the prize table and picked out their butterfly nets and flower headbands. Then they filled a treat box with magnets, hairclips, and other girly accessories.

It was then time to paint their flower pots and plant their flowers to take home! I am sure the parents loved me sending home so many items with the children ;-).

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Lillian Hope Designs and Faith Photography
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