End of School Birthday Party

End of School Birthday Party - This is a such a cute birthday party theme. This party would be perfect for the end of school, so many fun elements...love all the chalk board tags! 

For school and leadership qualities was exactly the reason to have this theme to encourage a more positive idea about schooling and healthy eating, minus all the treats. So the Theme of 123/ABC came about. Here is where the brilliant idea (3's a Party's stylist) came into action. The ideas went flying and the masterpiece came about.

In the class at the school, I see a number of accessories for the event even more special and close to the hearts of all children who were present. Accessories such as a desk old school old school bell, globe vintage, antique 1800 history book had to add the map of Australia and flag the element vintage look that all installation is complete. valuable

There will be a lot of hard work but with the collaboration, you will be able to contsruct a Vintage School setting that would make any person want to have one more day spent at school.


Pic source : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.299172096811907.70518.225649424164175&type=3

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